What the Poets Say

I think of all the poems written today, the million blinking cursors on illuminated screens, the fingers soft atop the plastic keys. I think of the pen scratching on the page arranging permanent, symbolic stains with intention and ink. I… Continue Reading

About Matthew Smith

Matthew is currently in the second year of the MACP program. He enjoys exploring the city with his wife, eating fresh bread, and moonlighting as a freelance writer. You can see his work online at www.mawordsmith.com.

Sex Ed.

Lesson 1: How to be a Virgin “Are you a virgin?” A group of nine-year-old boys gathered around Perri, the freckled fourth-grade whore, under the school terrace. It was recess and I found myself, the friend-of-a-friend of one of the… Continue Reading

About Lauren Sawyer

Lauren is a graduate of The Seattle School who loves contemporary literature and poets who don’t rhyme. She often sympathizes with Dorothy Parker’s saying, “I hate writing; I love to have written.” Read more of Lauren’s written work at laurendeidra.com.

To Be Seen

The doors for viewing …only sometimes open to the soul But it’s always the beautifully …stained …wet windows that speak to a person’s (w)hole   About Arthur K. FinkArthur studies counseling psychology at The Seattle School. Often he takes/receives the… Continue Reading

About Arthur K. Fink

Arthur studies counseling psychology at The Seattle School. Often he takes/receives the breaths of the fullness of life amidst: backpacking, the Performing Arts, and Dr. Seuss books. His poetry is rooted in the impossible pursuit of encapsulating the Mere, which in this case is life, with mere words.

The Task

Walking down the dimly lit hall of my parents’ home, I see the large, familiar, and dark painting of the toreador ready to strike the bull. His cape, a flaming red, swooping up and behind him, one knee planted in… Continue Reading

About Maya Sophia Sprague

Maya is a third-year MACP student who specializes in issues of abuse, trauma, and severe and persistent mental illness. She balances this heavy yet fascinating career with delicious coffee, baking fresh braided Challah each Friday, gardening, writing, and spending time with family and friends.

Origin Story

And in a hot second, channeling her grandma at the stove and her mother on the road, she said, Don’t bless my heart: I am a force to be reckoned with, a flurry, an invisible militia of moving air, merciful… Continue Reading

About Bethany Berens

Bethany is a second year MACP student who loves cooking, Christmas, sitting by her fireplace, and reading anything by Annie Dillard. She quotes Frederick Buechner: “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.”