Ingrid, an excerpt from the novel L.O.I.S.

Ingrid Schmidt eyed the small pile of white powder in the palm of her hand. As it turned out, you could never have too much soap, as long as there was running water–clean running tap water, chlorinated, preferably. With gristled… Continue Reading

About David Hodel

David is a first-year MACP student, published author, screenwriter, ghostwriter, playwright, musician, composer and former creative writing teacher. He credits his love of story for first drawing him to the Seattle School. You can get to know him better on his website,

Today I Met Jesus

Imagined from Luke 18:15-17 “The teacher is coming! The teacher is coming!” Mama squeezed my hand even tighter and started walking even faster through town. We passed the market, and the temple, and Aunt Sarah’s house… All the places we… Continue Reading

About Page DeVere

Page is a first-year MACP & MATC student (for now) from Florida by way of Nashville, TN, who loves baseball, Nutella mochas, daffodils, and stories. She dreams of working as a therapist specializing in adolescence and writing fiction for the same audience, visiting New Zealand, and having a large family.

Steeplechase Park

Everyone is scared of something. Fear is a universal human experience. Spiders are common, as are snakes. Heights, small enclosed spaces, the dentist, dying. I have small anxieties that take hold now and again. But I am truly afraid of… Continue Reading

About Kaitlin Wheeler

Kaitlin hails from coastal Maine where she eats lobster and listens to her grandmother tell incredible stories. Now in Seattle, she enjoys wine tasting and raising other people’s children, usually not at the same time. Kaitlin will receive her degree in “Successfully Dating an MACP Student” when her partner graduates in 2015.

Sought After Memories

“The horizon was purple at the time. I looked up from my newly lit cigarette and scanned the desolate, illuminated ground. It had seen nothing more than a scorching sun pounding its heat against its skin. I thought to myself,… Continue Reading

About James Waggoner

James attained a bachelor’s degree in English/writing in December, 2012. He has published works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry in various college, independent and online publications. Having recently moved back to the clean air of Washington state, James frequently enjoys rock climbing, hiking, writing and driving to new places.

The Hidden Names of Silent Things

The evening light lit the hallway as Leah passed the dark offices and leaned her shoulder into the nave door. With a slight pause and bow, she lowered her bucket of flowers to the floor in front of the altar.… Continue Reading

About Sarah Bailey

Sarah is a second year MDiv student who daydreams about being a spiritual director, gardener, meditator, and writer. In real life she can be found talking vaguely about spiritual things, watering houseplants, taking deep breaths every so often, and very occasionally blogging at